Most pet photography is lame.

In-home photography

Drool-worthy artwork

Star-treatment service

Your doggo has that deer-in-the-headlights thing going on. And the posing? Worse than an awkward family photo.

Good luck getting energetic Fido to sit still for an iPhone session. 

If you go the traditional pet photography route, you walk out of the studio with a stressed pet and 100 digital photos you’ll never display. 

The whole pet pictures ordeal is a total mess. But if you blink, you’ll miss the moment with your best four-legged friend….


We set out to offer the best 5-star, in-home, pet photography service in Indianapolis

That’s why we do things a little differently (if you can’t tell already!). We get to know your precious pet and capture their personality, derp and all. We bring out the pizzaz and help even the shyest of doggos break out of their furry shell. We have 18 years of experience photographing over 300 pets, so your dog is in good hands. 

“From the first meeting, Kelsey and Mallory had nothing but time to spend with my sweet Olive the sheepadpodle extraordinaire. These ladies won over Olive pretty quick..I think Olive was the best behaved ever as she was for the session! These ladies are all about making your pet look stunning.”


“I was a little nervous before my big day. But Mallory and Kelsey made me feel at home in my home. And they had treats!”


“They go above and beyond to get the most amazing shots of your pet. We have relied on them for years for stunningly beautiful pictures of our many dogs. They develop a special bond with each pup, which is captured in the photos. They truly put their hearts into their work and it shows."


(translated for clarity)
IndyHumane's Top Dog 2021

Paws-itively fabulous artwork for people who love their pets. Like really love their pets.

Pick your favorite shots and we’ll handle design, ordering, and delivery. We’ll even hang your new Puppo Picasso for free.


For all you DIYer’s, order your favorite pet prints for custom use. Professionally printed, hand delivered, full of personality.


Don’t play favorites. Get all the best shots printed in a high-quality flippable album. Pssst, this makes an amazing gift ;)


Session fees begin at $590


Science says people rarely look at their digital photos.

Okay, we’re no scientists, but we all know that fact is true! Digitals that just float on the cloud or sit on a USB drive are hidden from the world. But you look at your walls every day. Why not look up and smile? 

Every art purchase comes with the corresponding digitals, but we don’t let you waste your dog biscuits on standalone digital prints. Real pet lovers deserve real pet art.

I'm in, let's chat!

According to the bark-barometer, this art gets two tail-wags and a sloppy kiss. Here’s how we capture their best side.

We start with a quick call to chat about your pet and book our first visit. Then we’ll stop by to meet your pet and plan the photography session.

1. Talk the Talk

We photograph your pet with their favorite toys and props, in their natural element. This part is a blast—for you and your pet! 

2. Walk the Walk

Pick out your favorite shots and how you want to showcase them. We’ll handle the design, ordering, delivery, and wall hanging when they’re ready! 

3. The BIG Reveal!


And FYI, we're not just dog people...



Meet Mallory

I’ve been a human-photographer for over nine years, but I’ve got to say... taking dog pictures is a lot more fun! Getting to do pet photography for the local humane society has been one of the most rewarding experiences for me. I melt over a good dog or cat rescue story. 

Three fast facts about me:

I love the show Friends so much that I named my own pup Phoebe.

My favorite dog character is Marley, hands down. 

I talk to my dogs, Phoebe & Tyson, like they’re people. Daily. 

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